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Safegrip Installed on 60th Vessel

    We are pleased to report that Leeson Polyurethanes has installed the Safegrip High Performance Polyurethane Anti-Skid System on its 60th PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier) vessel. The Safegrip system goes from strength to strength and is a high performance coating system for marine applications, loading areas, bridge decking and other heavily trafficked areas. Safegrip comprises a 3… Read more »

Marco Dimitrijevic partners with Leeson Polyurethanes

We have great pleasure in welcoming Marco Dimitrijevic as our representative in Germany and Switzerland.  Marco brings with him his experience in the distribution of high quality adhesives internationally and we are delighted that he will be promoting Leeson Polyurethane 1 and 2 component structural adhesives and PUR hotmelt adhesives to expand our sales in Germany… Read more »

New Stone Binder Stone Mixer

A new stone mixer at Leeson Polyurethanes means that visitors can now view a full scale demonstration of the installation of Leeson Stone Binder.  Leeson Stone Binder is a high performance polyurethane based coating system for bonding decorative aggregates, giving excellent strength and elongation performance and is therefore an exceedingly durable system.  Aliphatic and non-aliphatic… Read more »

Class 1 Spray Foam Approval

We are pleased to announce that our product PU5118 (Spray Foam) has passed the fire testing and conforms to the Class 1 Fire Rating British Standard 476 (Part 7 Spread of Flame). Spray foam is fast curing, durable, seamless and provides excellent insulation for industrial or domestic buildings blocking air currents and moisture. This cost and… Read more »

Tank Lining Product Achieves WRAS

We are pleased to announce that our tank lining product PU4960 is now WRAS approved (1405517).  This fast curing, solvent free, flexible polyurethane is ideally suited for renovation of water tanks. Please contact us for more information, further details are also available on our website.

Leeson Watertite Waterproofing

Leeson Watertite®, our liquid applied roofing system, continues to go from strength to strength. The system was recently installed on 1,000sqm of guttering, to remediate an alternate system which was allowing the ingress of water. The 20 year version was selected by the client, and the versatility of the product allowed the necessary detailing work to be completed quickly… Read more »

The Hardanger Bridge, Norway

Leeson Polyurethanes, working with their partner in Norway, Fjerby, have supplied the Safegrip anti-skid system to the Hardanger Suspension Bridge.  At the time of building the Hardanger Bridge is the 9th longest suspension bridge in the world, and over 22,500sqm of Safegrip anti-skid system was required.  Safegrip was selected due to its outstanding track record worldwide, ease… Read more »

Leeson Sports Pitch Binder

As part of the re-generation of Stratford in East London, Leeson Polyurethanes were pleased to supply their high performance polyurethane binder for SBR shockpads. The system is extensively used for 3G and 4G all weather pitches, MUGAS (Multi Use Game Areas) and other recreational areas. The completed shock pad can be overcoated with one of our polyurethane… Read more »

Leeson Porous Stonebinder

To commemorate the life of Captain James Cook, a major renovation was carried out in Middlesborough. The project included the restoration of four Victorian Grade II listed stable yard buildings and the construction of a brand new visitor centre. By using Leeson Stonebinder the architect was able to accurately show Captain Cook’s voyages around the world. The… Read more »