LeesonBound® – Performance Under Pressure


LeesonBound® – Application and colours

LeesonBound is so adaptable, you can create any shape imaginable on the surface. Blends of colours and beading allow you to use two colours side by side, enabling superb design options.

Customers love LeesonBound’s flat, even appearance and its practicality.



LeesonGrip®  – Application

The installation of the LeesonGrip Anti-Skid system was carried out on a dry road surface with a road temperature between 5°C and 35°C. The road surface was clean and dry and all areas not being treated were masked with a suitable tape. The part B was added to the part A, at the rate given in the installation guide, and mixed together (the blend). The road surface was coated with the blend at the desired coverage rate, within 10 minutes of mixing, and then the non-slip aggregate was broadcast over the resin with the excess being removed after 2 hours. The site was opened to traffic after 4 hours.  LeesonGrip Technical Data Sheet