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Lilidorei – Alnwick Gardens

Lilidorei, pronounced Lilydory (to rhyme with story), is a brand new fantasy village play area located at The Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland containing the world’s largest play structure. The £15 million project was the brain child of the Duchess of Northumberland and has been constructed using natural materials making it completely plastic free. Nestled in a woodland clearing, the village is home to elves, trolls, fairies and goblins, their houses surrounding Elfwin Drin Castle,  which contains six slides, rope bridges and wire domes.  Once through the medieval style gate entrance, the footpaths, laid with LeesonBound, give the first taste of the magical details to come.  The hard wearing resin mixes a golden pea aggregate with glow stones and is finished with a sprinkle of glitter on top, meaning the footpaths will sparkle by day and by night.  Everything is meticulously planned to delight children and adults alike and create a magical wonderland full of stories and adventure.





Bridge Court, Brigg, North Lincolnshire

A new development of apartments were constructed on the site of a former cycle factory in Brigg, North Lincolnshire.  The project specified the installation of resin bound for the pathways and courtyard for its durable properties and attractive finish.  Using the aggregate blend of Cottage Gold, the resin bound was laid to a depth of 20mm for 295 metres square.  The installer, Jointline, overcame a number of challenges in order to complete the project on time.  Inclement weather and some residents having already moved in meant adapting schedules and planning to minimise disruption.  The result is a smart, safe and sustainable surface, expertly installed to a very high standard.





Storeton Hall, The Wirral

The resin bound installation by Didsbury Garden Services at this stunning new development in the heart of the Wirral peninsula, is for a mixture of new build homes and a renovated 14th century Grade II listed building.  When the developers acquired the site they gained Storeton Hall, whose first recorded tenant was in 1360 when it consisted of a great hall with an east and west wing 2 storey extension, forming a ‘H’ shaped building.  The hall fell into disrepair and, with less than half the original building still standing, was incorporated into farm buildings.  However, once restored, they became four luxury dwellings retaining as many original features as possible.

The driveways leading up to the new development were laid with LeesonBound mixed with a chocolate buff aggregate blend.  The rich stone mixture complements the tones of the natural stone and wood used in the construction of the properties.  The resin bound driveway gives an elegant finish to the exclusive development.



Bickleigh Barracks Memorial Garden

As a tribute to their fallen comrades, the Marines of the 42 Royal Commando raised the money needed to commission and install an 8ft bronze statue of a Royal Marine.  The pathways before consisted of square blocks that had become uneven over time and a trip hazard.  The solution was to introduce smooth even routes and the Leeson resin bound product was chosen for its decorative, porous and anti-slip properties.  This means that it not only looks good, but the rainwater won’t collect on the surface, but drain through, and will reduce the risk of slipping during the winter.




Tavistock Farmhouse

The owners of this farmhouse at Tavistock in Devon were over the moon with their new driveway installation of LeesonBound PU4844.  They had instructed the contractor to match existing stone on the site and to blend with the colour of the house.  The contracting company delivered with a precise match to their client’s request and installed it to an extremely high-quality standard.  The self-draining properties of LeesonBound were of significant importance to the customer, as was the anti-slip finish.  The appeal of a resin bound driveway is that it can be combined with any blend of aggregate according to the client’s preference.


Stowford Mill

The buildings on the site of Stowford Mill were judged to be of historic value and were very finely redeveloped into accommodation.  The entrance, driveway and courtyard areas were installed with LeesonBound PU4844 and a warm honey mix of aggregate to compliment the buildings.  Having the backdrop of the viaduct, constructed by Brunel in 1848, makes the transformation even more stunning. Located next to the river Erme, the site was originally a corn mill using the power of the water to turn the wheel and the mill stones to make flour. The buildings fell into decline when the price of bread fell, through industrialisation and mass production, and to produce it locally was no longer financially viable. As attractive as the local river may be, its close proximity can be a flood risk so installing LeesonBound with its drainage properties made it the favoured choice to cope with surface water.


Buggy Path, W Hotel, Palm Island, Dubai

The buggy path of the W Hotel in Palm Island, Dubai was installed using LeesonBound Resin Bound system. The pathways wind through the various pools and water features and blend in to the surrounding landscape.Guests staying at the luxurious resort can benefit from the smooth, even surface for safe walking and steady running while admiring the beautiful views.





Madhab Palace, United Arab Emirates

Madhab Palace, United Arab Emirates – The stunning gardens of the Madhab Palace, in the United Arab Emirates, feature LeesonBound for the pathways between the pools and flower beds. It is the official residence of the Crown Prince of Fujairah and is used to receive his official guests. The magnificent surroundings and the mountainous backdrop create a spectacular view.



Sutton Hoo Visitor Centre

The visitors’ centre of Sutton Hoo was given a transformation by the National Trust in 2019 and incorporated LeesonBound into the courtyard areas. The site of the Anglo-Saxon ship burial, which was uncovered in 1939, contained the most astonishing gold and jewelled artefacts ever found. A full-size sculpture of the Anglo-Saxon ship that lay buried for over 1300 years makes a striking feature against the LeesonBound base.



Strawberry Fields

The iconic location that inspired the Beatles song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ now has LeesonBound stone binder resin and aggregate installed on the pathways around the centre.  Visitors can also walk round the developed gardens that John Lennon loved so much and spent time in as a youth. The LeesonBound ensures that the paths are smooth and even giving optimum access for disabled users. The Victorian house used to be a children’s home run by the Salvation Army, but is now an exhibition, café, shop, gardens and a Steps to Work programme for young adults with learning difficulties.




Wickham Bishops

LeesonBound products were installed onto a large drive in Essex giving the property a high-quality finish. The company that carried out the installation had to rectify the previous installers groundwork that was not up to standard. The result provided the customer with a high strength, exceedingly durable system that will be easy to maintain and looks stunning.





Llandaff Fields, Pontcanna

The Grade II listed historic parkland of Llandaff Fields, situated in the heart of Cardiff, features many striking tree lined avenues of lime and horse chestnut trees. The river Taff winds through the park as does the Taff Trail cycle route that runs from Holyhead to the Brecon Beacons through Cardiff. LeesonBound resin system was chosen for its aesthetic appearance, strength and longevity to be installed along the pathways giving pedestrianised access from Llandaff to Cardiff city centre. The properties of the LeesonBound resin system are ideal to cope with the harsh winters of rain, snow and ice. As the product is porous, all water is a sorbed into the ground meaning no pooling to turn to ice when the temperature dips below freezing. The anti-slip character of the stone layer brings great traction, assists with grip and provides a safe surface for walkers and cyclists whatever the weather


Burj Al Arab Hotel

The outside seating area overlooking the sea at the Burj Al Arab Hotel installed LeesonBound with an aggregate mixed with a glow stone.  The effect was stunning, impressing customers with the remarkable feature. The designers at the Burj Al Arab Hotel wanted to install a ‘wow factor’ to their outside seating area by using a glow stone mixed with LeesonBound PU4844 and aggregate. The Technical team at Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd. tested different products and ratios and created samples for the customer to approve. The product was carefully installed, and the finished effect is stunning. Overlooking the beach, the luxury hotel looks stylish in the daylight, but by night-time the project really comes to life. The customer was delighted with the finish, giving the residents of the hotel a memorable experience ensuring they will return time after time. The building, the shape of which resembles a sail, was opened in 1999 with the renovation of the outside area completed in 2018.


Dilmunia Shopping Mall

The visitors to the Dilmunia Shopping Mall in the Kingdom of Bahrain are welcomed with an exquisite geometric design installation in LeesonBound and coloured aggregate.  The vibrant pattern is repeated and adapted throughout the complex including the dining and leisure areas.  The aim was to create a grand and impressive space to attract locals and visitors. The shopping malls in Bahrain are extravagant and colourful and the exterior to the Dilmunia Mall is no exception. The vibrant design using contrasting coloured aggregates bound together with LeesonBound, is a feature throughout the complex. The mall is a hub of retail shops and restaurants as well as an ice rink, climbing walls and soccer pitches. It has installed the largest cylindrical aquarium in the Middle East, which is home to more than 2,700 marine creatures. The Mall of Dilmunia is a landmark destination for the Kingdom of Bahrain attracting visitors from all over the world




Alton Towers

Colourful and vibrant sums up the Alton Towers CBeebies Land Hotel, which incorporates LeesonBound on the walkway to the entrance.  The strong, hard-wearing product provides the base to a colourful musical theme of notes on a stave. The installation is surrounded by a brightly lit rainbow arch and an aeroplane structure forms the centrepiece of the impressive approach. The colourful theme is continued throughout the hotel, that is aimed at young families, with 34 out of the 76 rooms specially themed around the CBeebies channel’s most popular programs.




Elizabeth Gaskell Museum

This Grade II* listed building in Manchester was once the home of Elizabeth Gaskell, author of the famous novels Cranford, North and South and Wives and Daughters.  The Manchester Historic Buildings Trust acquired the property in 2004 and in 2012 was given a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to bring the house to life and restore and furnish it to the period when the Gaskells lived there.  The Trust’s vision is to ‘ensure the house gives pleasure, inspiration and a place to learn for today’s visitors’ and one of the first things that visitors will see as they approach is the LeesonBound pathways that surround the elegant Regency-style villa and gardens.  The resin bound adds style and blends beautifully, enriching the transformation of a run-down house to a welcoming family home.


Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

The installation at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies beautifully demonstrates the decorative ability of LeesonBound PU4844.  The triangular pattern laid in the service area of the grounds is striking and leads down to the immaculate gardens of the newly developed centre.  The original 1985 wooden building was replaced by the new 3.25-acre site by the River Cherwell and features a mosque, minaret, auditorium, dining hall, accommodation and parking.  The centre is a Recognised Independent Centre of the University of Oxford and in 1993 HRH the former The Prince of Wales became its patron and was then granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.



Underfloor Heated Driveway

The steep driveway at this property in Devon caused many problems in the winter months due to ice and snow.  When upgrading the surface, the owners decided to install an underfloor heating system under the LeesonBound stonebinder resin system.   A resin bound system is the perfect surface as it is entirely permeable and won’t leave standing water to freeze.  It is smooth, but not slippery, but still gives plenty of grip under tyres. It is hard wearing so no cracks will appear to damage cables underneath. 



Indoor Swimming Pool

A spa in the Midlands was looking for a surface for surrounding the indoor pool area that was, safe, porous and attractive.  LeesonBound fitted the brief perfectly whilst also being seamless and low maintenance.  The resin is chlorine resistant so it won’t break up the aggregate and can be used with a wide range of blends for an attractive finish.  The porous properties of the system allows for surface water to be absorbed so there’s no pooling, and the anti-slip coating reduces the number of accidents.  A resin bound surface provides a good alternative to concrete or tiles and can easily incorporate a design.




La Mer, Dubai

La Mer in Dubai is a beachfront development incorporating shopping centres, restaurants and a water park.  Using many reclaimed and repurposed materials such as driftwood and used metal items, the project integrates a minimalist and contemporary design.  The architects wanted to use a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) product for the splashpads and chose LeesonBound in a pale Scandinavian stone.  This allows the water to be drained through the surface, collected and reused.  SUDS surfaces mimic natural drainage processes and reduce the risk of flooding from development.




The Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai opened in 1997 and has proved popular with tourists from all over the world.  Shaped like a wave, the luxury high end hotel complements the sail shaped Burj Al Arab* hotel it is situated next to, and contains 598 rooms and suites, 19 beachfront villas and 20 restaurants and bars with all the amenities that one would expect. In a recent upgrade, the designers wanted to continue the high-quality finish of the interior in the outside area incorporating the pools, and LeesonBound with Scandinavian aggregate was specified and installed.  The light-coloured stone provides the appearance of a beach front around the water and absorbs less heat. LeesonBound was the ideal choice as it creates a seamless, smooth and even surface which is also permeable, allowing the pool water to drain through, and a non-slip element was added to ensure the safety of the guests.  It exhibits excellent resistance to high temperatures, moisture and chemical contact without loss of strength, ensuring the surface will be durable and remain as impressive as when it was first laid.

*Burj Al Arab Case Study


LeesonBound Laid Vertically

LeesonBound enhances the look of any driveway but it adds a real quality feel when installed on steps and walls.  It gives the project a unique finish whilst retaining the porous properties keeping it Suds compliant.  The vertical installation ensures that the flow of the design is not interrupted giving smooth, clean lines. It is a safe and low maintenance system as it contains anti slip properties and there are no loose stones.




Adlington, Cheshire

This new build property, set in the heart of the village of Adlington, had LeesonBound installed on its large driveway. Being a modern house, the owners chose a modern surface making for a spectacular entrance.  The silver blue aggregate colour is currently on trend and compliments the surroundings giving a luxury feel to the development.  Using LeesonBound means they get a BBA approved product giving them the peace of mind that their investment will be long lasting, is SUDS compliant and low maintenance.





Terracotta Drive

This domestic drive incorporated a turning circle and the owners were concerned to have a product that didn’t move or break up with the turning of the car tyres.  They were advised to install a suitable base for the load that it expected to carry once the resin system was applied.  Base surfaces with fewer joints provide the best finish, such as tarmac or concrete.   A resin bound system is only as strong as its weakest component.  To be SUDS compliant, a resin bound system needs to be placed on to a suitable permeable base. The owners were pleased to have LeesonBound installed to keep a long-lasting smooth finish on the surface.





Aylestone Recreation Ground

Improvements to the cycle and pedestrian route through Aylestone Recreation Ground were undertaken by Leicester City Council in partnership with resin bound installers Jointline.  The specification was to create a SUDS* compliant surface in a Natural Red blend of aggregate at 40mm thick.  The Jointline team were hampered by bad weather conditions but pulled out all the stops to ensure that the project was finished on time and the site could be reopened.   The upgrade to the recreation ground provides walkers, cyclists, wheelchairs and buggies a safe, clean and traffic free route through the grounds making it an enjoyable experience for local people.

*Sustainable Urban Drainage System



The Lord High Admiral, Plymouth

The covered Beer Garden of the Lord High Admiral in Stonehouse, Plymouth had a blue painted floor that the owner had to repaint every year due to it chipping away.  He wanted a long-term solution and had seen a LeesonBound installation created by Wayne Hambly at South West Surfacing Specialists, so he turned to him for advice.  Wayne created a new blend of aggregate called ‘Espresso’, a mixture of grey and yellow, that complemented the colour scheme perfectly.  Now the beer garden has a hard wearing, long lasting and low maintenance solution that the owner is delighted with.


Bardsley War Memorial

An upgrade to the surface surrounding Bardsley War Memorial was carried out by Didsbury Garden Services.  The previous surface was of sand and became difficult to traverse in wet weather.  The client wanted a porous surface that was smooth to walk on and could accommodate the annual service held on Remembrance Day.   LeesonBound was installed for its SUDS properties which allows the water to drain through, and for its longevity, durability and reputation of good quality.

The Latin cross is set on an octagonal plinth with two octagonal steps.  The names on the sides of the plinth are in black lettering.  They include Private Frederick Finucane who was one of the youngest casualties at only 15 when he died on 27th November 1914 in Egypt and was buried at the Cairo War Memorial Cemetery.  Exactly one year later his brother, John, was killed in Gallipoli and is buried in Manchester cemetery.




Enterprise Wharf, Birmingham

As part of a £1bn investment into the Birmingham Innovation Quarter (B-IQ), the Enterprise Wharf is a state-of-the-art office space aiming to attract businesses and entrepreneurs in the technology, science and sports industries. The construction of the building incorporates a central ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) which relies on sensors for management of temperature and information on movement of people and energy usage etc. This will ensure the building operates more efficiently and improves the employee experience whilst delivering insights for improvements.
The pathway leading to the building was laid with LeesonBound® mixed with an aggregate blend of golden pea and green stone. The science behind the resin bound system is apt for its environment. Much research, development and testing went into creating the product, plus ongoing testing to maintain quality control. The developers have installed a product from a company that is innovative and a leader in its field, much like the businesses they are striving to attract.