Buggy Path, W Hotel, Palm Island, Dubai

The buggy path of the W Hotel in Palm Island, Dubai was installed using LeesonBound Resin Bound system. The pathways wind through the various pools and water features and blend in to the surrounding landscape.







Madhab Palace, United Arab Emirates

Madhab Palace, United Arab Emirates – The stunning gardens of the Madhab Palace, in the United Arab Emirates, feature LeesonBound for the pathways between the pools and flower beds. It is the official residence of the Crown Prince of Fujairah and is used to receive his official guests. The magnificent surroundings and the mountainous backdrop create a spectacular view.




Sutton Hoo Visitor Centre

The visitors’ centre of Sutton Hoo was given a transformation by the National Trust in 2019 and incorporated LeesonBound into the courtyard areas. The site of the Anglo-Saxon ship burial, which was uncovered in 1939, contained the most astonishing gold and jewelled artefacts ever found. A full-size sculpture of the Anglo-Saxon ship that lay buried for over 1300 years makes a striking feature against the LeesonBound base.




Strawberry Fields

The iconic location that inspired the Beatles song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ now has LeesonBound stone binder resin and aggregate installed on the pathways around the centre.  Visitors can also walk round the developed gardens that John Lennon loved so much and spent time in as a youth.







Wickham Bishops

LeesonBound products were installed onto a large drive in Essex giving the property a high-quality finish. The company that carried out the installation had to rectify the previous installers groundwork that was not up to standard. The result provided the customer with a high strength, exceedingly durable system that will be easy to maintain and looks stunning.






Llandaff Fields, Pontcanna

The historic parkland of Llandaff Fields has many LeesonBound installed pathways lined with lime and horse chestnut trees.  Read on for how LeesonBound helps to keep the surfaces safe in winter.







Burj Al Arab Hotel

The outside seating area overlooking the sea at the Burj Al Arab Hotel installed LeesonBound with an aggregate mixed with a glow stone.  The effect was stunning, impressing customers with the remarkable feature. Read more…