Polyurethane binders for sports pitches and tracks need to perform at the same level as the athletes and sportspeople using them.

Sports pitches and tracks get a lot of punishment. Not only from those who use them, but also from the elements as their large surface area offers little protection from either the sun’s rays or frost and snow.

Modern sports pitches and athletics tracks are generally composed of rubber crumb, which owing to their size needs to be machine applied. This requires a specific type of polyurethane binder suited to sports pitch installation.

Specialized high performance grades of binder may also be required for pitches that get a lot of use, particularly when used all year round as many all-weather athletic tracks and sports pitches are.

Leeson Polyurethanes manufactures a wide range of one and two component polyurethane binders for binding EPDM & SBR rubbers and flexible PU foams. Our binders include both pour-in-place and tile production, with grades suitable for both hand and machine installation.

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