Bright, colourful and durable polyurethane wet pour binders for playgrounds create an attractive and safe surface for children and their families.

Playgrounds have come a long way from pitted concrete parks offering no protection from falls and scrapes. Today’s playgrounds not only feature imaginative play equipment, but surfaces provide a safe and attractive environment for children to play.

From public parks, school and nursery playgrounds, to property owners providing a fun outdoor area for children, there are many options for the playground contractor including the surfaces surrounding the play equipment.

Rubber crumb technology has opened up a world of possibilities for the modern playground; allowing for the installation of play surfaces that are attractive and hardwearing, yet offer protection to their users. All this is possible with the addition of polyurethane wet pour binders, giving excellent tensile and elongation properties, as well as resistance to extremes of temperature.

Leeson Polyurethanes manufactures a wide range of one and two component polyurethane binders for binding EPDM & SBR rubbers and flexible PU foams. Our binders include both pour-in-place and tile production with grades suitable for both hand and machine installation.

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LeesonGrip® Anti-Skid 2-1

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PU Binders for Wet Pour

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PU Binder for Safety Tiles

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PU Systems for Sports Structural Spray

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PU Rubber Mulch

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