Building Construction / Fabric

High performance polyurethane products provide a versatile, durable and cost effective alternative to traditional building materials like wood and brick.

Traditional building materials do not offer the cost, time and energy savings the construction industry and end user requires. Instead high-performance materials that are strong, yet lightweight; perform well, yet are easily installed; and that are durable, but also versatile are needed.

Polyurethane products do all of the above as well as being reliable and consistent, making them an ideal choice for the built environment. For example, the insulating properties of polyurethane rigid foam not only reduces energy loss but also noise levels, allowing building fabric manufacturers to make building panels thinner resulting in reduced construction costs, and lower energy bills for the occupier.

Polyurethane adhesives can also speed construction and reduce the need for more expensive materials. Our 1 & 2 Component PU adhesives have a wide variety of lamination applications such as in the manufacture of building panels.

Leeson Polyurethanes also manufacture high performance, reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesives that create strong bonds, fill gaps and allow for rapid and efficient manufacturing. Applications in the construction sector are numerous, for example in insulated panel lamination.

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LeesonBound® Resin Bound System

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LeesonGrip® Anti-Skid 2-1

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Structural Adhesive – 1 Component

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Structural Adhesive – 2 Component

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