Leeson Polyurethanes Adds Another Quality Product to the Range

Leeson Polyurethanes is constantly working hard on research and development to add new products to the quality range.  Therefore, we are pleased to announce the launch of PU5606 Self Levelling Flooring for industrial and commercial flooring.  This waterproof and attractive coating is perfect for warehouses, factories, food preparation areas and hospitals. It eliminates the dust that accumulates on concrete floors, is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and can be easily steam cleaned.  It is available in a variety of colours and the system includes a primer, topcoat and an optional anti-slip coat.  Its elongation at break and tensile strength means there is no shrinkage or cracking.  The attractive flooring is backed by Leeson Polyurethanes’ commitment to quality.  For more details please contact sales@lpultd.com or 01926 833 367.




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