Toll Production

Leeson Polyurethanes have an international reputation as bespoke polyurethane manufacturers who can provide you with a custom-made polyurethane system.

If you feel that you have exhausted all possible polyurethane systems for your specific requirements: think again. Instead of looking for an off the shelf solution, consider a bespoke, custom-made polyurethane adhesive designed to your exact specification.

Our extensive experience in developing and manufacturing polyurethane adhesives and coatings has helped earn us a reputation for fabricating and improving upon industrial adhesives, and creating bespoke products that will perfectly suit your environment.

Innovation is the key to our success in manufacturing tailored products. We are always looking to refine our existing range of adhesives and coatings, and learn from their application in industry. Using this combined knowledge and research; we are in the ideal position to develop unique products for our customers.

No challenge is too big!