Polyurethane Waterproofing

Flat roofs, pitched roofs, balconies and plaza decks need waterproofing if you want protection from the elements, or to prevent water damage to properties.

Polyurethane Waterproofing is a necessity. Water is very good at finding a way into a building; whether it’s through a seam or join in materials, or through the deterioration of fabrics such as roofing felt.The challenge is to find a product that delivers durable waterproof protection, without seams or joins, and is easy to apply and quick to provide waterproofing qualities.

Many conventional waterproofing solutions fall short of providing lasting protection. Joins and seams in waterproofing fabric come apart, UV light causes degradation or even cracks, and installation can be time consuming and leave properties vulnerable to water damage during the process.

Fortunately, our range of waterproofing coatings offer a real solution. Liquid applied systems mean no joins or seams. Fast curing offers waterproofing protection quickly, and the physical properties of the liquid membranes provide long lasting defence.

As well as offering polyurea coatings, Leeson Polyurethanes has applied polyurethane moisture triggered technology to a liquid applied waterproofing membrane. Watertite® delivers showerproof protection in just 30 minutes.