Building panels, portable buildings, caravans, doors and more, all benefit from good insulation. Polyurethane foams have excellent thermal properties and polyurethane adhesives have excellent adhesion and durability.

Energy use in homes and businesses not only produces large amounts of CO2 emissions but also costs the homeowner and companies significant amounts of money to ensure that buildings are heated sufficiently. Energy loss is a major contributing factor, which is why the UK Government have invested heavily in energy saving schemes including encouraging the use of insulating materials.

When it comes to insulating buildings and other structures, manufacturers and installers look for low thermal conductivity. Polyurethane products such as PU rigid and flexible foams are one of the most thermally efficient insulation materials available, needing only minimal thickness to achieve maximum energy efficiency in a building envelope.

Here at Leeson Polyurethanes we manufacture a broad range of two component PU rigid and flexible foams with a wide variety of applications such as continuous foaming, door panels and SIPS panels.

The excellent adhesion and durability of polyurethanes also makes our one and two component polyurethane adhesives an excellent choice for a wide variety of insulating applications including insulating panels and composite doors, commonly used in building panels, caravans, SIPS panels, doors, wood bonding, textiles and portable buildings.

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