LeesonBound – The Strongest UV Stable Stonebound Surfacing System

Leeson Polyurethanes have been supplying stone bound systems since the mid 1990’s and over that time the systems have demonstrated their quality, durability and ease of maintenance. When used as described in the installation guidance, the LeesonBound systems retain their integrity and have a service life in excess of 10 years

Why Choose LeesonBound?  Being a high performance SUDS compliant porous aggregate bound system, LeesonBound incorporates a non-hazardous, fast curing but flexible solvent free resin with a range of aggregate blends.  Systems cures to give attractive durable finish which can be used for SUDS areas, driveways, paths and swimming pool surrounds.

LeesonBound is available in 2 grades, PU5051/60 is not UV stabilized and therefore will darken in UV exposure. The strength of the system is not compromised. LeesonBound UVR (PU4844/60) is also available. This is an aliphatic system and is therefore colour stable when exposed to UV.

LeesonBound stone mixes




PU UVR/ Stone Matrix





Autumn Gold        Chocolate           Trent                Silver                  Terracotta          Scandinavian

  • Autumn Gold - UV onlyScandinavianTrentChocolateSilver UV onlyTerracotta - UV only




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For more information download the data sheet or contact your Area Sales Manager on sales@lpultd.com




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