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13 October 2021 – Following two and a half weeks of recovery efforts, we are deeply saddened to share that David Boswell’s passing has been confirmed by authorities. For the past 16 years, David was a dedicated and valued employee who could be relied on to go above and beyond his daily role. The ICP/Leeson family will always remember David as the wonderful friend and coworker he was. Our continued support and sincerest condolences are with his loved ones during this difficult time. We want to thank the local authorities and first responders for their tireless recovery efforts.  For more information, please visit the Warwickshire police’s statement here.

24 September 2021 – Local authorities will be on-site at the Leeson Polyurethanes plant beginning Monday, September 27, working to recover our colleague, David Boswell. They will be taking necessary precautionary measures and wearing personal protective equipment when they enter the site. The timeline for these recovery efforts is unknown. We will share updates as we have them.  For more information, please visit the Warwickshire police’s statement here.

24 September 2021 – As the investigation continues, our priorities remain taking care of our employees and providing support services as we work through this transition of our facilities.  We remain in close collaboration with local authorities in their on going efforts to finalize the investigation.  Leeson Polyurethanes remains committed to our employees and customers.

7 September 2021 – It is with great sadness that we share the passing of David Boswell, an employee at Leeson Polyurethanes, as a result of the fire that took place at the Leamington Spa facility on Aug. 27. David had been with the company for 16 years, and the ICP/Leeson family is devastated by this loss. Our continued support and sincerest thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends during this tragic time.

We are extremely grateful to the police, fire brigade and ambulance services, fire investigators, the Health and Safety Executive and Public Health England for their tireless response. Investigations to identify the cause of this incident continue.

30 August 2021 – At this time, the fire is extinguished and we are cooperating with local officials on the next steps and convening our employees.

28 August 2021 – In the morning hours of August 27, emergency responders reported to a fire at our Leeson Polyurethanes plant in Leamington Spa. We do not yet know the cause of the incident but are working closely with emergency responders, local officials, and our teams at the plant to determine what led to this incident.

We would like to thank our employees, local partners and the emergency personnel who responded to the incident as they continue to extinguish the fire.

For information pertaining to the occurrence and the surrounding community, please visit the Warwickshire police’s statement here.

27 August 2021 – At approximately 10:30 a.m. today there was an incident at our Leeson Polyurethanes facility. Emergency services are on-site and are actively managing the situation. We continue to provide our full assistance and cooperation.

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